Jeffrey Wilsor,


 Jeffrey Wilsor is a Western Washington native who returned to the Pacific Northwest in 2016 after several years away. Growing up in music ministry, he has since made a life in communal music. 

In Nashville, Tennessee, Jeff studied Musical Theatre Performance at Belmont University, going on to join their staff as accompanist and assistant music director for the same program. In New York City, he entertained in piano bars and worked in the founding stages of the Women’s Ensemble of the Young New Yorkers’ Chorus, along with taking side work in cabaret and theatre as a musical director and actor. It was this work that also led him to meet and marry Dustin, a fellow actor, musician, and arts educator. 

Upon moving back to Seattle, Jeff was ecstatic to apply for and receive the position of Minister of Music for WPPC, beginning in September, 2016. He strives to lead and curate a program of diversity, inclusion, and excellence.






10:30 a.m.