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February  -  2015 


From the Pastor….. 

Celebrating Mission in Motion

    During worship on February 8, we will have the opportunity to celebrate the Mission in Motion capital stewardship campaign.  We will be celebrating surpassing our cornerstone goal in terms of the amount of funds pledged—hooray!  As such, we get to celebrate the promise of replenishing our building fund, reducing our debt, and making a significant contribution to social justice-based mission work.  All of those are certainly worth celebrating (as those who care for building, our financial stability, and our justice efforts would certainly attest!), but I also think there’s more.

     When we began this campaign, our consultant Marc Rieke encouraged us to approach this endeavor not as a pledge campaign but as a journey of corporate spiritual growth and discernment.  I have to admit that, initially, I was a little skeptical.  I liked the idea but was concerned about conflating a pledge campaign with spiritual growth in a way that could be seen as manipulative.  That said, I trusted the wisdom our tremendously talented and committed Capital Campaign team and, as it turned out, my experience of the campaign was one that was centered in authentic spiritual growth, communal and personal discernment, and a deepening sense of community in a way that was honest about our financial concerns without being manipulative.  I hope that was your experience as well; it was certainly our intent, though I’m sure the execution was not always perfect.

     Some of my favorite moments of the campaign were the opportunities for fellowship and to hear each other’s stories.  These opportunities came about in the many Enrichment Gatherings in our community members’ homes, through the voices and stories told on the amazing campaign video, in clips and stories about our youth and families shown in the fabulous video at the banquet, in heartfelt testimonies shared in worship and special events and newsletters, through prayers in many extraordinary forms during our prayer vigil, and in the warm fellowship of the all church banquet.  Over and over again, I found myself energized and inspired by your memories of our history, your insightful pondering about our present, and your dreams for our future.

  I am so grateful to all of you who served on the campaign team, volunteered for specific occasions or needs, participated in our events, prayed for us, and pledged contributions over the next three years.  This immense undertaking was successful by many definitions of the word, none of which would have been possible without you. 

         In gratitude,

       Pastor Staci


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