• Events
    10:30 a.m.
April 14
11:30 a.m. Scripture Conversations with Pastor Staci at the "In-Season Fresh Take-Away & Cafe" at 6412 Phinney Ave N. -  Drop in - no preparation needed.
April 17
7:30 p.m. Movie Night - The Gathering Space - Bring a snack to share as we watch a movie together
April 19   11:30 a.m. Birthday Cake Sunday - celebrate all April birthdays after the Sunday Service.
April 26
4:30 p.m. "The Drunken Maidens" concert - part of the Phinney Arts and Music Series



Occurs after the worship service each Sunday, supported by the Fellowship Committee and hosted by many volunteers throughout the year who make coffee and bring treats to share. Coffee hour serves as a time to visit and catch up with our church family, to meet new friends, and enjoy a treat.

Birthdays of the Month are celebrated during Coffee Hour once a month and are hosted by a church member who provides cake for the event.

Easter Continental Breakfast in the Upper Room is a time to enjoy breakfast in the morning before the Easter worship service and is provided by the Fellowship Committee.

Thank-Offering Potluck & Dessert Auction  This November potluck occurs the Sunday before Thanksgiving right after church, giving our church family and friends a chance to share this seasonal meal. We also hold a fun and enjoyable dessert auction to raise money to reduce the cost of the All Church Retreat and also a time to collect an offering of some kind for a designated charity.

Scottish Sunday is celebrated with music by a bagpiper, Scottish dancers, and Scottish goodies during coffee hour.

Soup and Bread - During worship we decorate the Christmas tree with Crismonds and enjoy an Advent meal of homemade soups and breads after the service.

Potlucks occur at various times throughout the year.

Sunday School (classes for children and adults)