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An important Update Re: Hybrid Worship

We are all looking forward to getting back to in-person opportunities as soon as we can. Spiritual Formation and Session have been working on the tech setup to make an eventual return to in-person worship possible while maintaining a meaningful experience for those who wish to stay online. This has included submitting a grant request to the Presbytery to upgrade our equipment. We still plan to move toward the hybrid worship plan we laid out in the survey earlier this summer but, unfortunately, the reality of the Delta variant has impacted our timeline. Spiritual Formation made a recommendation to Session and Session approved the following plan based on the Delta variant and rising cases. Our starting point is to allow a maximum of 10 more people to attend church in the Sanctuary, in addition to the families with children already attending. We will set up a sign-up system, so that people can initially sign up for 2 weekends per month to allow for all those interested to have an opportunity to attend. We will also maintain a waitlist. We plan to begin sign-ups in a couple of weeks once we establish a plan to contact people if someone attends and soon after tests positive for COVID-19. Much like allowing the families with young children in the Sanctuary, we will test out this model and make changes as needed. We will remain masked while inside and we will distribute communion as people exit the church. In our meetings, no one felt comfortable given the circumstances with having dozens of people in an indoor space at this time, but we also recognized that seeing people in- person and the opportunity to worship together in community is much needed and desired by many. With the ever-changing nature of the pandemic, we are doing our best to provide safe in-person worship opportunities. Depending on how it goes, what the COVID numbers are looking like and how we are able to space out in the Sanctuary, etc., we might increase the number right away, and we certainly plan to slowly increase it overtime. Please know that we want to see people in person and are doing our best to make it happen in a safe manner. As always, we welcome your comments and feedback. Please direct any suggestions or comments to Karen Siscel Smith (co-chair of Spiritual Formation and Session member).

With love and hope, The Spiritual Formation Committee and the WPPC Session

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