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Born in the U.S.A./American Pie

As we stride ever onward, now into a summer that promises to be one like we have never experienced before, we continue to take a moment each day with music. Throughout these next few months, look for some more offbeat choices, many more of your own community selections and comments, and as ever, a little injection of faith, hope, and love into your day.

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Art credit: Quilt panel “The Flag is Bleeding #2” by Faith Ringgold


Today, we have another double-header, two songs that expose the myth of the American dream from different points of view. First we turn to the king of subversive patriotism, the Blue Collar Bard, the Boss himself. Springsteen can hardly help but turn a critical eye on the politics of the economic divide - it happens at least once on every album. But “Born in the U.S.A.” is THE classic. Watch out for one insensitive ethnic reference - I believe that Springsteen includes it on purpose for the discomfort of it, but that doesn’t make it easier to hear. That said, I find it humorous how many people have never actually paid attention to the words and still think it’s actual an anthem of pride! You can read the lyrics here. Next, a very different point of view - and, no, it’s not that “American Pie.” Shea Diamond made her debut a few years ago with songs that speak to her unique experience as a black trans woman in America and in the music industry. This song expresses the sad fact that we routinely and ignorantly walk all over folks who are fighting just to be seen, much less achieve equality. You can read the lyrics here.



Holy One, Help us to live out true patriotism, that our country become one that champions the downtrodden for the benefit of us all.

We also lift up the following prayers shared during last Sunday's worship service:

  • For the ability to share in 2 different pride related services this weekend. One here in Seattle from the Jewish Federation of Seattle and the other with The Gathering in Fort Worth, Texas.

Even in our separation, God, help us to feel the deep delight of your love for all. Amen.

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