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Stand up for patient care

Artist: Thomas Howard


The Swedish nurses strike became quite evident as we live very close to the Swedish branch in Edmonds. During the strike, 8000 picketing nurses marched at various Swedish locations 24 hours a day regardless of the weather. They were committed to their cause. Their points were patient safety caused by understaffing and fair wages. Providence made $970 million in the first nine months of 2019 and has reserves of more than $11 billion on hand. Swedish did not guarantee that all striking workers would be allowed back to their original jobs following the strike. Employee retention is a big problem due to lower wages. About 1000 healthcare workers leave the hospital annually for better pay and working conditions elsewhere.

My quilt square shows a stark contrast of individuals outlined in color black. The focus on the scene is the picket signs in color purple with gold lettering similar to the actual picket signs used. The hope is the word strike on the signs brings attention to the nurses’ efforts. Although the materials are simple in their application, the message is clear.

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