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Subversive Saints

While examining how Jesus' parables radically spoke out against social norms and subverted the expectations put upon a religious figure, we asked the WPPC community to depict other examples of people who speak truth to power and use their voices for the lifting up of the marginalized.

We were inspired by contemporary artists who subvert the tradition of iconography to call attention to modern day issues in two different ways. Some use the classic characteristics of Christian religious icons to portray modern day figures who were unafraid to expose deep injustices and seek solutions and restitution. Others juxtapose Biblical figures with modern day problems or movements. Both of these ways subvert the tradition by calling attention to those among us who might not be officially canonized saints but exemplify the subversive ways of Jesus or the parts of society for whom Jesus had greatest concern. The icons that inspired us and the icons we created are not meant to be objects of worship; they are images to set the context for our worship and to inspire faithful courageous, and subversive living.

Our first "Subversive Saints" series was created in 2019, and focused of agents of change through history.


Subversive Saints for Such a Time as This

Our 2021 "Subversive Saints" follow-up series focused on everyday heroes of of the many events of 2020-2021.

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