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Property With Purpose (PwP)

A new Session-approved effort to look at how we align our mission at WPPC with the future of our property was introduced to the congregation: 

It’s called Property with Purpose (PwP)
- How can we use our property to fulfill our mission?

In a recent sermon, Pastor Staci emphasized the importance of listening to the Holy Spirit when facing challenging issues like this.  We’re not doing this alone.  The Holy Spirit is here with us, whether we call on her directly or not.  Whether we feel the breeze of her presence or not, she’s with us in our discernment.  Our fears, our questions and our hopes can be met with that assurance.

With this message as our inspiration and guide, the first phase is being called the Listening Process, in which everyone will be invited to participate in a small group session.  We plan to do these in August. To try and accommodate our busy lives, the days and times will vary and will include three in-person dinners, two Zoom sessions and one after-worship session.  A sign-up process will be started in the next week.  We will also be having some listening sessions with community members.

Each listening session will have a facilitator and a note-taker.  A series of questions will be used to help guide the discussions.  All participants will be provided with some background information on the history and current condition of our building.  The results from these listening sessions will be summarized and then reported back to the Session and the congregation.  Next steps in this process will be determined by what we have heard.



We really want to hear from you and very much hope that you will participate in one of the upcoming small group sessions.  In the meantime, please contact any of the PwP Team members if you have any questions or suggestions.

PwP Intro
July 16, 2023

Pastor Staci's

7/16 Sermon

Committee Members

The Property with Purpose Committee is:

Dave Ramsay, Judy Andrews, June Howard, MaryLou MacKay, Todd Peterson, Pastor Joe Sheeran, and Pastor Staci Imes.  Feel free to bring your questions to any committee member!

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