Subversive Saints for Such a Time as This

In the Spring of 2019, members and friends of WPPC contributed to our Lent preparations by learning about and trying their hand at creating an image of a social justice hero or a faith ancestor in a creative way. They portrayed contemporary social justice activists as saints and Biblical figures in modern day situations. No artistic experience (or confidence) was required. All ages participated.

(Click on the thumbnail to see a full image and artist statement)

Fred Rogers

Artist: Betty Wight

Ruth Bader Ginsberg

Artist: Elizabeth Bryant

Barbara Jordan

Artist: June Howard

Abraham Lincoln

Artist: Thomas Howard

Edwin T. Pratt

Artist: Leann Onishi

Nina Simone

Artist: Jeffrey Wilsor

Chung Hyun Kyung

Artist: Ellen Acton

Grace Lee Boggs

Artist: Abby Castle Brockway


Artist: Todd Peterson

Cesar Chavez

Artist: Mary Fournier

Amal Hussain

Artist: Eric Stenson

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Artist: Devin Howard

Rosa Parks

Artist: Halley Smith (age 8)

The Three Wise Women

Artist: Karen Scisel-Smith

Bayard Rustin

Artist: Scott Collins


Timothy Harris

Artist: Neola Sandvik


Ella Baker

Artist: Amy Gest


Dolores Huerta

Artist: Margi Luttrell