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In Memory of Flo Bliss

Early Thursday morning, July 22nd, Flo Bliss passed away at Northwest Hospital at the age of 98. Flo was and is a beloved member of this congregation; her death leaves us sad for the loss of our friend. We also know that the past couple of years have been especially difficult for Flo, having moved out of her house to an assisted living home, and I give thanks that her prayer for peace has been answered.

Flo's presence in our community was very special. She loved our children and was an active volunteer for many years. We thank God for Flo and the wonderful memories we will carry with us. Arrangements for a memorial service will be finalized when Pastor Staci returns from vacation. For any who would like a peek into Flo's life before many of us knew her, this 2006 obituary for her husband Paul Bliss offers both context for the woman we knew and a very sweet story about their finding love.

Here are some memories that church members shared:

I remember when Pastor Wes invited anyone that was not baptized to get baptized at church. Flo and her husband Paul did not remember ever being baptized and Wes baptized them as well as some others, I believe. Mr. & Mrs. Bliss were very touched by the service and the laying on of hands by others in the congregation. I think they were a little shocked because they said that no one offered that before in their church history.

Flo had a love of little children, birds, and gardening and she would strike up conversations with strangers. She often shared her stories during the Prayers of Joy /Concern at church. Keith & I were able to visit her a few times at her home when we were serving as Deacons. Flo always wanted to serve as hostess, but we were there to visit with her and help out. Flo would often bring treats to the kitchen on Sundays as her contribution to coffee hour, even though she wasn’t signed up to bring something.

Thanks, Margi & Keith ---------------------------------------------- Flo was always ready to use her car for anyone needing a lift. Many times she drove Ken and me to Safeway on Roosevelt for our necessary groceries. Always, the friend. Always, the talker.

Nancy Horman ---------------------------------------------- We were very lucky to know this amazing woman, Florence Bliss, during her last years of her long life. We enjoyed our outings together and her stories. We wish we would have been able to see her one last time post- COVID times, but are thankful we saw her on Zoom church a couple of times. We know she is at peace and we will miss her.

Karen, Halley and Gauntt

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