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"Woman, behold your son."

Artist: Jeffrey Wilsor


I chose to depict the murder and marginalization of transgender persons of color.

As I considered how I might depict the ongoing injustice to the trans population worldwide, particularly those who are also POC here in North America, it occurred to me that the three branches off of the circle in the trans symbol are in position to be nailed to a cross - one below, two above and to the sides. From that image came the idea to take the opportunity to use icon imagery, along with historical symbols for queer-shaming, and use them to tell the story of a cycle throughout history. Sex and gender identity have always been used as fuel for hate and violence; for trans persons of color in the world right now, that hate and violence is still on the rise. There is a flannel blanket framing three edges—my comment from the outside, wishing coverage for these courageous people. In the background patches are birds and flowers and vines; stitched along the bottom edge beneath a pool of blood is a line of grass - reminders that resurrections wait in the dark near crucifixions.

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