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Truth is Crucified

Artist: Janet Skinner


As our nation becomes more and more divided, it seems that less and less value is placed on truth. Fewer people want to know the truth. It is easier to deny it. Then one doesn’t have to deal with it. One doesn’t have to make hard decisions. Truth is covered up, twisted, stomped upon, denied. “Fake news” and
“Hoax” are shouted (or tweeted) whenever painful truths are revealed. Those who speak the truth are vilified. Or fired.

The truth of the life Jesus lived and the message he proclaimed is twisted also. Jesus showed radical hospitality to all, even (and perhaps especially) to those his society condemned. This is far from the way many “Christians” live or from what they profess. Jesus lived and taught love. Too often hate is a daily practice in our society.

The shoe I chose was not that of the laborer, the farmer, the homeless, the housewife. It is the shoe of the rich and powerful, most of whom are men. Daily they trample the truth by denying it, keeping it hidden, or refusing to let it be heard.

The light of the world and hope for the future is represented by the color yellow. The truth is covered up but cannot be fully hidden. Those who have eyes will see through the lies. Those who have ears will know the truth. And those who have courage will speak the truth.

Note: You may lift the top layer on this piece to view the unobscured truth.

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