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This particular depiction shows Lincoln in a thoughtful and somewhat determined pose. This is indicative as to the type of person he was.
- Thomas Howard

Patron Saint of Abolition

Artist: Thomas Howard

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I chose AOC because she represents the political voice of the Millennial generation, my generation. Pushing for Medicare For All, a federal jobs guarantee, a proposed Green New Deal, abolishing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, free public college and trade school, and a 70% marginal tax rate for incomes above $10 million. While I may not agree with all these proposals or how they should be implemented, I agree they are in areas that have been severely lacking in focus by Congresses in the past.
I based my portrait of Ocasio-Cortez on her twitter profile picture and set her in front of a light green background to represent the Green New Deal legislation she introduced in Congress. Because climate change is here and must be solved in order for the world as we know it to survive.
- Devin Howard

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Artist: Devin Howard

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She strongly stood by the Constitution of the United States and defended the checks and balances
system which was set up to inhibit any politician from abusing their power.
She impressed many young women with her actions and leadership in the Civil Rights movement and I was one of them.
- June Howard

Barbara Jordan

Artist: June E. Howard

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There wasn't much method to my madness. I'm not a skilled painter, so getting something—anything—down was the goal. I figured while I was pushing myself outside my comfort zone, I'd add the challenge of using fake gold leaf for the first time. One conscious artistic choice I made was choosing purple for the suit and tie. I picked that color to give Rustin an air of royalty.
 - Scott Collins

Patron Saint of Intersectionality

Artist: Scott Collins

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I chose strawberry picking to emphasize the back toiling work that many farm workers undergo. I chose a western setting because he was born near Yuma, Arizona on March 31, 1927. He moved with his family as a child to Sal Si Puedes, California, which translates to “escape if you can.”
- Mary Fournier

Patron Saint of Farm Workers

Artist: Mary Fournier

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She was also a speaker at the infamous Re-Imagining Conference in Minneapolis in 1993, a gathering of (primarily) women who came together to discuss theology from a woman's perspective.
Her book "Struggle to Be the Sun Again," is a strong statement about the need for women to be treated by society (including religious society) with equality.
- Ellen Acton

Chung Hyun Kyung:
A Living Saint for those who
Struggle to be the Sun Again

Artist: Ellen Acton

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Delores is a peaceful woman with a megaphone, always in action:
leading/ protesting/ negotiating/ working/ marching/ advocating/ educating/ caring
My depiction of her also includes grapes, a symbol of the 1965 Delano Grape strike and boycott protesting workers poor pay and working conditions.
- Margi Luttrell

Matron Saint of Farm Workers
and Women Activists

Artist: Margi Lutrrell

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I chose to display Pratt with a map of Seattle in the background. The map highlights the concentrated population of African Americans in Seattle’s Central District in the 1960s due to housing discrimination. My parents experienced this firsthand. As newlyweds in the mid-1950s, my parents had trouble finding a real estate agent willing to show them houses north of the Ship Canal Bridge. The dedication, work, and sacrifices by Pratt made it possible for Seattleites to have desegregated schools, neighborhoods, and workplaces.
- Leann Onishi

Patron Saint of Equal Opportunities
in Education and Housing in Seattle

Artist: Leann Onishi

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I wanted to depict her in mostly stark colors to keep her portrait simple and dramatic.
- Amy Gest

Matron Saint of Civil Rights

Artist: Amy Gest

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I chose to do Mr. Rogers as an icon because of his lifetime devotion to helping children of all ages to grow.
- Betty Wight

Saint for Children of All Ages

Artist: Betty Wight

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Somewhere in that story of sorrow and grief, God met her too. There are so many young girls in today’s world that are in similar situations. Perhaps they can get some courage from Hajar.
- Todd Peterson

Matron Saint of the Other

Artist: Todd Peterson

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In homage to her use of such a wide array of musical styles, I chose to depict Nina using several media and textures. Her figure is based on a photograph of her performing in the 1960s. Hanging from the tree is a crucifix, representative of the “Strange Fruit” about which Nina sang: the myriad black lives lost to lynching in America.
- Jeffrey Wilsor

Matron Saint of the Unsung

Artist: Jeffrey Wilsor

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