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Patron Saint of Seattle Streets

Artist: Neola Sandvik

Timothy Harris
Born: 1960
Occupation: Journalist

Timothy Harris is the founder/director of Real Change, the street newspaper of Seattle, founded twenty-five years ago this year. This quality newspaper has won several awards for excellence over those years. I bought my first Real Change shortly after I returned to live in Seattle in 2012 after my Dutch husband died. Real Change offers a top newspaper of its kind, and of any kind. It is also a practical help to jobless and homeless people on the edge in offering them a way to earn money and perhaps make a start on a new path, as well as making available to us, the public, a very worthwhile glimpse of local Seattle life from different perspectives and challenges through the wide range of reporting.

I am grateful to Timothy Harris for giving so much of himself, his energy and perseverance, and for his leadership in growing and developing Real Change as an opportunity to learn more about our city, its people, its problems, heartbreak, and creativity.

I am not at all a graphic artist. But in spite of all that, I wanted to see what might come of what I could do, with help on offer from Staci and Todd and others. I have never met Timothy Harris, but he came to mind simply because I have come to respect him greatly and find him an inspiration as an activist for change and true to his own way. Also, I’ve been so happy to meet the vendors I’ve come to know over the past few years.

I’ve presented Timothy surrounded by clippings of the paper in order to give you a small glimpse of Real Change itself.

- Neola Sandvik

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