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Music Ministries

At WPPC, music of all kinds plays an important part in our spiritual practices and growth. Music opens us to new perspectives and is a shelter in times of doubt. We strive to dig for all that music might have to offer. 



Our choir is a spunky crew who are game to try just about anything! From experimental original compositions to ‘virtual’ existence (until further notice) and beyond, we are always rethinking what it means to be a church choir in such a time as this. 

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Deus ex Musica:

Seeking the Sacred in the Secular

Deus ex machina. It’s the literary device whereby some seemingly insurmountable problem or plot point is miraculously fixed with little to no attention paid to even the fictional reality. “God in the machine,” translated literally from Latin. 

Sometimes a song comes on the radio, and you’ve heard it a million times, you know all the words…and yet, today, you hear it differently, and it changes your day. God in the music, perhaps? 


Deus ex Musica is a periodical series exploring the ways we can and do experience God through music. We tackled Musical Theatre last year, and currently we’re investigating Disco and the spiritual value of pleasure. Join us as we look for God where God isn’t expected to be found. 

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