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As we stride ever onward, now into a summer that promises to be one like we have never experienced before, we continue to take a moment each day with music. Throughout these next few months, look for some more offbeat choices, many more of your own community selections and comments, and as ever, a little injection of faith, hope, and love into your day.

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I thought we'd cap off this week with Simon & Garfunkel, with a song that maybe isn't as famous as many of their others, but one whose lyrics, as I listened this morning, grew beady little eyes that stared me right in the face. It's a poem of conviction sung with raw, rough-around-the-edges energy, calling out society's exclusive ideals about who is "blessed" and who deserves to be, culminating with the incredible line, "I have tended my own garden much too long." May this song be not so much an indictment as a motivation, and may we infuse this sunny day with its unclean vitality.



Holy Blessing, 'I have tended my own garden much too long.' Teach me to spread it around.

We also lift up the following prayers shared during last Sunday's worship service:

  • Abby - For Curtis, whose life is coming quickly to an end, and for his family, Reese, Roman, and Kelly

  • Matt - For the grieving family of George, who passed away last week

  • Peggy - for a wonderful time seeing her daughter after so long

  • For Margi & Keith's 30th wedding anniversary

  • Pat - for fun traveling companions

Even in our separation, God, help us to feel the deep delight of your love for all. Amen.

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