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Dido's Lament

As we stride ever onward, now into a summer that promises to be one like we have never experienced before, we continue to take a moment each day with music. Throughout these next few months, look for some more offbeat choices, many more of your own community selections and comments, and as ever, a little injection of faith, hope, and love into your day.

Got a song you just love? Email to tell Jeff about it!


Henry Purcell is probably my favorite of the early opera innovators. His setting of the classic story of Dido and Aeneas culminates in this tragic aria in which Dido’s broken heart wishes to give in to death. Earlier this year, London City Voices, in solidarity with Greenpeace, teamed up with the great Annie Lennox to reinterpret this beautiful piece of music from the angle of our climate crisis. Nothing more need be said — may this extraordinary arrangement be our motivation for today. When I am laid, am laid in earth, May my wrongs create No trouble, no trouble in thy breast; Remember me, remember me, but ah! forget my fate. Remember me, but ah! forget my fate.



Holy Mother, May we do better to you.

We also lift up the following prayers shared during last Sunday's worship service:

  • For other churches will find the joy of welcoming LBGTQ+ people! (see June's letter wrote to The Seattle Times here!)

Even in our separation, God, help us to feel the deep delight of your love for all. Amen.

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