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Healing Our Culture

Here we are, moving into the tail end of the summer season. As we look forward to the beginning of a new school year and a change in the light and the weather, let's let music accompany our transition.

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I stumbled upon this gem while looking for a song to share in worship a while back. It's been rolling around in my head ever since. The Yabu Band is an indigenous Australian group who strive to shine a light on the injustices and indignities put upon indigenous peoples everywhere, but specifically to their personal experiences in Australia. But from what I've heard of their music so far (they're still very new to me!), it seems that they don't use their platform to egg on or instigate political bickering; rather, they call out the issues clearly and with kindness, letting anger and emotional exhaustion be a matter of fact, not just a reason to be loud. I appreciate this song a lot, and I hope you do too.

I want so much to help you and to be there for you now To help you from your hard times, if only I knew how And though I know you had so much to go through left on your own My hands and heart reach out to say, "You'll never be alone" Our hearts reach out to comfort those for whom we care To let them know this painful time is something we can share Tp gently hold them close and reassure them we'll be there With this, our culture can be healed, yeah, yeah Together, we all can be healed Our dancing, our music, our way of life is slowly fading away Cultural education must be in our schools today I can see the old man crying, he's crying in the mist of time Respect the law, the land, and learn the language so we can shine I have found what I've been looking for It's just to see you smile and to learn our ways, learn your ways We walk together, hand in hand, you and I For a brand new day, for our culture to survive Survive



God of Diversity,

Thank you for voices that speak out for peace and unity.

Even in our separation, God, help us to feel the deep delight of your love for all. Amen.

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