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Seeking updates from our community

Dear community,

Happy new year! Prior to Christmas, I received calls from many of you asking for current mailing addresses for other congregants. It’s time for a directory update! I’ll be taking on that task and, as we know that many of you have new homes, new phone numbers, or even new family members, please take a moment to complete the form at this link, even if you suspect your info is up-to-date. WPPC directory update

I look forward to getting the directory updated, and then I'll be happy to share the 2022 version in paper and electronic formats.

Additionally, as we re-configure some of our means of church communications, we’ve heard the request loud and clear to bring back the birthday list in the monthly newsletter! In addition to wanting to be able to send you birthday cards, we’ve also received requests for a list of anniversaries for those who are willing to share (whatever anniversaries you would like your church community to be able to acknowledge with you—weddings, of course, but maybe you’d like the community to be able to join you in acknowledging the anniversary of going into recovery, getting divorced, the death of a partner, or some other significant milestone).

We’ve had a number of changes in our community since the birthday list was last updated, and we’re also using a new database to keep track, so—like with the directory—we’re asking everyone who wishes their birthday and/or anniversary to be included to resubmit their information. If you are willing to have your birthday (no year necessary unless you want to include it) and/or your anniversary included in the monthly newsletter (at the beginning of the month in which it occurs), please fill out this quick and secure online form.

If you have multiple occasions to submit (e.g. a couple birthdays and an anniversary), you'll fill out the same form multiple times -- once for each occasion.

Thank you!!!


Office assistant

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