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The Color of Power and Opportunity

Artist: Leann Onishi


I feel very strongly our systems, controlled more and more by the wealthy, create and sustain division. It was hard for me to single out a single oppressed population. Due to personal connections and experiences, I especially feel for immigrants, Muslims, and Black Americans. I decided to focus on people with brown and black skin.

I wanted a visual representation of how all of our systems and structures--economic, judicial, educational, and more--are in the hands of the white "majority". I thought of metaphors for our diversity as a nation: melting pot, salad, etc. I imagined a rainbow leading to a pot of gold: gold representing all the wealth and benefits of power. The rainbow is white and has direct access to the wealth. The color and richness of patterns and textures are in the background: shades of black and brown. The pot of gold is kept out of reach of the outstretched hands of color.

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